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High-efficiency NdFeB Bulk Sheets Magnetizer

I. Welcome to use VAT full-automatic magnetizing machine. It has superior performance with a speed fast enough to magnetize ten thousand pieces per hour, so it can spare two labors. It is simple to operate. You can learn to operate it in one minute.

II. Operating steps are showed as follows:
Step one: Put the magnet into the finishing plate
Step two: Press the power switch
Step three: Press magnetization switching on the touch screen
Step four: Directly package diskette completed magnetizing
Step five: After full magnetizing, turn off the power switch

III. Conclusion: VAT Company has a good after-sales service and all the adopted accessories are standard accessories on the market. Spare accessories are put away on internal parts of special components of the machine, so it is simple to repair and even can be done by ordinary electrician in case of failure.

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