VAT30900 High-voltage Pulse Magnetizer
Automatic Motor Magnetizer & Demagnetizer
Intelligent DC Machine Magnetizer & Demagnetizer
General-purpose Permanent-magnet Motor Magnetizer and Demagnetizer
Electroacoustic Devices
Low-power Loudspeaker Magnetizer
Medium-power Loudspeaker Magnetizer
High-power Magnetizer
Fully Automatic Loudspeaker Magnetizer
Magnetic Materials
Low-power Magnetizer
Medium-power Magnetizer & Demagnetizer
High-power Magnetizer
Ultra High- power Magnetizer
High-efficiency NdFeB Bulk Sheets Magnetizer
VAT full-automatic magnetizing machine
Special Models
Small-size Instrument Magnetizer
Magnetic Flywheel Magnetizer
Intelligent Fixed-quantity Magnetizer
Resin Magnetic Cloth Magnetizer
Multi-pole Ring Magnetizer
Multi-pole Plane Magnetizer
Permanent-magnet Crane Magnetizer
High-speed Fixed-quantity Demagnetizer
Fully Automatic Tool Magnetizer
Hardware Tools-quantity Demagnetizer
Magnetizing Fixture
Refrigerating System
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Examples of Application

  We are aware that China's magnetic materials industry is developing rapidly at present. Magnetic materials find wide applications in the enterprises of motor, electro-acoustic, automobile, Electronics and etc. More and more these enterprises are in dire need of advanced technology and equipments and convenient and considerate service to solve their technical problems.
  We devote ourselves in the development and research of the magnetization technology and equipments for these years all along. We make efforts to provide safe and advanced equipments, and considerate and quick service for customers, and solve their technical problems.
  All of our equipments produced have a reliable security system. Among them, many adopt PLC control. If there is failure, PLC will shut off the equipment safely. In the case of power failure or supply interruption, the capacitor can be discharged automatically, and disconnected with the power source.  For security reasons, users are not allowed to modify PLC program and structure of the equipment. Our equipments are low in maintenance costs. The equipment rarely fails. In case of failure, we can give response within 24 hours after you report us the failure. Most of our equipment parts are standard parts, you can buy anywhere in the world, which is convenient for replacing of parts. For some special accessories, we always store enough in our warehouse. We can quickly deliver them to you within 38 hours.
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