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Automatic Motor Magnetizer & Demagnetizer
Intelligent DC Machine Magnetizer & Demagnetizer
General-purpose Permanent-magnet Motor Magnetizer and Demagnetizer
Electroacoustic Devices
Low-power Loudspeaker Magnetizer
Medium-power Loudspeaker Magnetizer
High-power Magnetizer
Fully Automatic Loudspeaker Magnetizer
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High-power Magnetizer
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VAT full-automatic magnetizing machine
Special Models
Small-size Instrument Magnetizer
Magnetic Flywheel Magnetizer
Intelligent Fixed-quantity Magnetizer
Resin Magnetic Cloth Magnetizer
Multi-pole Ring Magnetizer
Multi-pole Plane Magnetizer
Permanent-magnet Crane Magnetizer
High-speed Fixed-quantity Demagnetizer
Fully Automatic Tool Magnetizer
Hardware Tools-quantity Demagnetizer
Magnetizing Fixture
Refrigerating System
Purchase Guide
Examples of Application

Magnetizer & Magnetizing Fixture Purchase Guide:
We should determine the magnetizing coil (or fixture) according to the magnet to be processed. And the property of the magnet determines the magnetic strength of the magnetizing coil (or fixture), we determine the capacity of the magnetizer according to the magnetic strength required. So, if you want to purchase our products, please tell us the following information. We can recommend most suitable products for you precisely and rapidly. For special specification products, we can customize them for you.
◆ Material of Magnet (bHc, jHc, BH product, Jr)
◆ Shape and Size of Magnet
◆ Pole Numbers and Directions
◆ Saturation magnetization or fixed-quantity magnetization ?
◆ Charge Speed Requirement
◆ Is the magnetizer for independent use or matching with production line?
◆ Sole magnet magnetization or assembled magnet magnetization?(For assembled magnet, you should tell us the total size of the part)
◆ Application of the Magnet

Demagnetizer Purchase Guide:
Please tell us the following information so that we can recommend most suitable demagnetizer for you precisely and rapidly.
◆ Name and Material of the workpiece to be demagnetized
◆ Size and Weight of the Workpiece
◆ What is the process generating the magnetism?
◆ The magnitude of magnetism and location on the workpiece.
◆ Residual magnetism requirement.
◆ Requirement of the work capacity every day.
◆ Requirement of feeding method

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