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    Founded in 1999, VAT Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. was previously named VAT Magnetic Equipment Factory. It is a technological enterprise specialized in the manufacture of magnetizer, demagnetizer and magnetic measuring equipment. Combining the first characters of Volt, Amp and Tesla, the three prominent physicists, VAT means that we not only use and deepen the application of the magnetic theory they invented, but also learn from their scientific spirit of assiduity, innovation and exploration, and do our best efforts to continuously innovate in the field of magnetic equipment manufacturing, to be proficient, professional and strong in the magnetic power industry.
    With the development of science and technology, many enterprises are in urgent need of advanced technology and equipment to solve technical problems in the application of magnetic, and magnetic materials have been widely used in electrical, electro-acoustic, automotive, electronics and other related industries; hundreds of kinds of products independently researched and developed by VAT have been widely used in the magnetizing, demagnetization and measuring magnetic properties of various motors, audio speakers, ferrite and rare earth magnetic materials, providing not only the magnetization or demagnetization optimization and equipment but also convenient and considerate service for thousands of companies and many research institutes in the field of electric motors, electro-acoustic, magnetic materials, automobile, sensors, medical equipment and Department of Physics in universities,.
    Always adhering to continuous learning, improvement and innovation, we have four major products: motor magnetizing and demagnetizing machine, electro-acoustic magnetizing and demagnetizing machine, magnetic material magnetizing and demagnetizing machine and magnetic measuring equipment. Our products are in great demand across the country and have successfully made inroad into Germany, Italy, the United States, France, South Korea, Japan, Turkey and other international markets.
    In recent years, we have been focused on the development of high-power rare-earth permanent magnet motor magnetizing machine. With high degree of automation, it can be connected with a permanent magnet motor production line and realizes automotive magnetization and measurement process, which greatly improves product quality and production efficiency, and has important significance to improve the manufacturing technology of permanent magnet motor in China’s new energy.
    VAT equipments have a reliable security system. Many machines are controlled by PLC, which will safely shut down the machine when in failure. In case of outage or power failure, the capacitor will discharge in an automatic way, and disconnect the power supply. For security reasons, users are not allowed to modify the PLC program nor arbitrarily change the structure of the equipment.
    VAT magnetizing equipments have been insured by China Ping An Insurance Company in product liability insurance. As long as use the equipments in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), users may apply to China Ping An Insurance Company of a claim for property damage and personal injury or death due to the equipments. Product liability insurance (No. 14704001900134825951)
    VAT equipments rarely experience failure and the maintenance costs are low. In the event of failure, we will respond within a day upon a request of repair. As the vast majority of our equipment parts are standard parts, which can be purchased anywhere in the world, they are easy to replace. Our warehouse is also equipped with standard parts that can be shipped immediately. For some special pieces, we also have plenty of inventories. Shipping within 38 hours is available if necessary.

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